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When should I learn my manoeuvres?

Reversing when learning to drive Be patient when it comes to learning manoeuvres. There are four 'set manoeuvres' in the UK driving test syllabus - you will only be asked to complete one of them during the test but will not know which one until you are in the car with the examiner. The manoeuvres are: • The ... More

Don’t tell people you’re taking your driving test…

Keep it to yourself and close family only... When you are learning to drive you will often find that people are always asking you about when are you going to take your driving test. Our strong advice is to keep it to yourself and say nothing. Obviously your close family will know, but apart from that its best to refrain ... More

Pass your driving theory test as early as you can

Get your theory test out of the way! Try to to pass your theory test after about 15  hours of practical training. Once this has been passed, you can book your practical test and concentrate on working towards the main goal of passing your driving test completely.   More

Tips on Defensive Driving

Learn to drive in a defensive mode, and you will always be a safe driver Keep a sharp lookout all around, including way up ahead Always check your mirrors before braking Follow other vehicles at a safe distance Check for cross roads before passing another vehicle Check for other vehicles signal lights and hand ... More