Terms & Conditions

Pennine Intensive Driving will be referred to as PID.
  1. The initial deposit for a course must be received before a course can be secured. Cheques should be sent at least one week before the commencement of a course to ensure that we receive the funds in time. The balance of the course fee is normally paid, IN CASH ONLY, to the instructor on the first lesson, although it is possible to pay the entire course fee online.
  2. Because of the nature of one/two week courses, and the fact that the instructor has allocated this time exclusively to the client, means that any monies paid are not normally refundable. A refund may be given if substantial medical evidence of inability to proceed with a courseis produced.
  3. PID acts as an agent for the driving instructor. After booking a course, your contract is between yourself and the instructor.
  4. Any dispute over delivery of lessons is between client and instructor, although PID will do its best to mediate betwen the two parties.
  5. PID accepts no responsibility in the event of any road traffic incident occuring during a driving lesson.
  6. It is the instructor’s responsibility to ensure that his/her vehicle is properly insured for the purposes of tuition and for the carrying out of any practical driving test.
  7. PID will do its best to book a client’s driving test at a centre close to the client’s pick up address. The choice of centre will be discussed with the client.
  8. PID will do its best to book a driving test to coincide with the last day of a driving course, however this may not always be possible. PID will strive to make sure that the client will not have to wait long periods before taking a test.
  9. We reserve the right to cancel any course or practical test we have booked where the required fees have not been received on time.
  10. An instructor has the right to refuse the use of his/her vehicle for the use of a practical driving test if they believe that the client has little chance of passing or if they may be a danger to themselves, the examiner or other road users during the test. This is unlikely to happen if a suitable course has been booked, which allows adequate time to prepare properly for the test.
  11. All lessons will be given on a 1:1 basis.
  12. On a guaranteed pass course, after any test failure we will allocate 5 more hours to the client (including test and time returning home) and another test booking.
  13. On test days, hours will include test time and time returning home from the test centre.
  14. It may be possible to book Saturday or evening tests at certain times of the year. These will incur an extra fee to cover the higher cost of these tests.

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