Toni – Stockport

I’d like to say a huge thank you to Dill who helped me pass my test today! Like many people, my first attempt at learning to drive was through weekly lessons. Having a busy working and social life I became disheartened at having to make a weekly commitment. This led me to consider an intensive course and I’m glad I did. I was assigned Dill, who is catergorically the best instructor I have ever had (I’ve had four prior to Dill). Dill is calm and always has his students at the fore front of his mind. He explained roundabouts and manoeuvres in simple terms that were easy to grasp and remember. Dill was easy to get on with during the intensive course and reliable. I have already recommended Dill and the driving school to a number of non drivers I know. I am so pleased I took the decision to take an intensive course rather than taking traditional lessons which may have taken months. If you’re in two minds then I’d certainly recommend an intensive course and strongly suggest you ask for Dill. His tutorials definitely helped me pass my test.